Raspberry Pi: Time Lapse Video with Artistic Touch


Recently I am playing robot and Raspberry Pis, FOR WORK. Yes, envy me please, looks like my job is to play... no, seriously, I am exploring the possibilities with using technologies in library, and I am preparing to launch a coding program pretty soon. 

People might ask why we need coding and robot for libraries? My short answer is that is part of what we call information and computer literacy. While a few of us get far ahead with AI, machine learning and convolutional neural networks, the majority is lagging behind. The latter might use computers and Microsoft Office for years, but they rarely make the connection between the Office Suite and coding. No real conversations about future and pitfalls with AI could happen without an thourough understanding of the SWOT of new technologies.

Back to Raspberry Pi, the first projects I looked into for Raspberry Pi require these gadgets:

1. one RPI 3 model B

2. one picamera

3. one sdcard

4. display, keyboard and mouse

I wrote a Python script to ask RPI to take certain number of photos per hour, and run it for several hours, then created an video with the captured photos. 

The first video run OK. When I played it, I can feel the breeze at the tip of the leaves outside the window in my office.  But things got really interesting when I started to play with the image-effect parameter in picamera. Below is a quick video made from 60 photos in 2 hours using the sketch image effect. You can clearly see the sun's movement on the curtain which created black moving squares on the window. Isn't it cool? BTW, I think the picamera is far better sketcher than I am: 

When I have the chance, I will upload the code to github.

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