Raspberry Pi: Fun for Story Telling


I am obssessed with Raspberry Pi again, for both work and personal life.

Another project I devleoped uses the following hardware:

Adafruit website recommend that you solder the touch hat to the rpi, but I discovered that the hat can be pretty stable if you do not solder it. You will need to enable I2C on the pi, and then download the requirement software from Adafruit, and then you are ready to rock and get creative! You can use the alligator clips to connect each touch sensor to anything that conduct electricity, like plant leaves, fruits, metals, aluminium sheet etc, and have fun! You are also free to script the sounds, beatbox, vocals, piano notes, guitar, drum, spooky sounds, human sounds... whatever sound files you can find! There are already a bunch sound files preinstalled on the pi. 

I imagine the following use cases of such gadget in libraries:

1. Sensory storytime: let kids touch different fruits and leaves or many other things, and hear differnt animal sounds, or music instrument sounds.

2. Music time: let kids randomly touch fruits/vegetables and make their own music. 

3. General storytime: there is always different typs of sounds in kids books. When reading a book, touch the gadget and get the sound mentioned. It will make storytime more interactive!

4. Pranks: surprise someone with a touch of a innocuous looking thing :)

Watch the following two videos I created while testing:

Again, I will remember to update the project in my GitHub when I want to stop playing and scripting. 

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